onsdag 13 april 2011

A very short introduction to my thoughts and this blog (English version)

The purpose of this blog is to introduce an ideology and philosophy that I have given the name abilivism. It is a composition of ability + living + ism. A single word cannot express the full content of an ideology that maps the most important parts of human reality. To get a somewhat fuller description of the ideology I would need longer formulations like "building lasting capacities for interesting, fun and pleasant lives through pluralism, liberty, and other means".

I however out of these many words (and more words could certainly be included) have to choose the ones that seem most important to include in a short description. Life is the basis for everything of value to us as human beings. A good life is marked by good experiences, which is the same as interesting, fun, pleasant, exciting and fascinating experiences. To get such experiences one need not only life, but also many capacities: human capacities as well as natural resource capacities and technological capacities.

I choose "life" and "ability" as the most important words to include in the name of my ideology, but the good life certainly is about good experiences, which you get when you are maximizing your own abilities, society's abilities and natures abilities.

The United States Declaration of Independence talks about "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", which given the age of the phrase is a quite good description of the most important values, but the wordings is still in desperate need of improvement. Liberty has to be joined by ability and happiness has to be joined by interestingness and fun. Otherwise, you will hardly get good lives in a good and sustainable world.

I have always been very dissatisfied with the ideologies and philosophies that this world has offered. Deficient ideologies will make your behavior less responsible and less efficient, which is the reason why we should search for the best possible value systems and worldviews.

There is pretty much which has to be said about these things before my message is well expressed. As my mother tongue is Swedish, I will ask you to accept some minor (hopefully) defects in my English. I hope they will not disturb your reading experience and comprehension too much. Feel free to correct my mistakes.

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